I hate to admit it but I do not particularly like Master A at the moment.

He’s becoming rather rude, cocksure of himself and has the attitude of someone a decade older.

If I ask him to do anything like tidy his room, do homework, or take out the rubbish, he either grunts or pulls a face or, in most cases, doesn’t even respond until I’ve resorted to shouts or threats.

A friend of mine referred to the phase as suffering from “eightitous”. She has three older boys, each of who, she says went from being Peter Perfects to Horrid Henrys almost overnight around the age of seven-and-a-half.

However, this personality change doesn’t seem to be restricted to boys only – a couple of friends of mine who have daughters are experiencing the same behaviour patterns.

My theory is that the problem sits with the parents, not the children. I believe I’m suffering with something akin to the seven-year-itch.

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Normally more associated with adult relationships, this psychological term suggests that happiness in a partnership declines after around year seven of a marriage or living together. Studies have shown that after a seven-year cycle individuals become dissatisfied with their partners.

The divorce or separation rate is particularly high at this point. Those relationships that “survive” the seven-year-itch normally do so because one or both partners accept and adapt to the situation.

The honeymoon period, the time when Master A was born and everything was shiny and new, is long since behind us. We’re seven years in and at times it does feel like it’s all rather familiar.

Couple this with a challenging dollop of attitude from Master A and, quite frankly, if this was an adult relationship, I would be thinking about packing my bags and heading for the door.

But, of course, this is parenting and there is no emergency exit, no quickie divorce. There is just that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Working Mum, wanting to hibernate until Master A emerges from the bad attitude chrysalis.