Is it wrong to fantasise about one of your best friend’s husbands or partners? That was the question posed when I caught up with some gal pals for dinner recently.

We were all tucking into a rather nice bottle of Pinot Noir when one of the friend’s round the table started talking about how she doesn’t always think about her husband when they are getting down to business.

Now I’m sure most of us would probably have to admit that on, ahem, rare occasions this is sometimes the case.

However, the friend proceeded to give details about her fantasy, explaining graphically and at length what, in her head, she gets up to, how long and where.

I sat gobsmacked. On the surface this friend appears rather proper. Who knew what was going on under that strait-laced exterior? The quiet ones and all that.

Then she went ahead and named the person whom she fantasises about – the husband of one of the other friends round the table. Awkward.

I didn’t know where to look, embarrassed for both of my friends – and expecting the worst.

I braced myself for what I believed to be the ensuing catfight. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley hunting down the mother Alien came to mind.

Instead, however, my friend, the one whose husband was the subject of the X-rated scenes, let out a shriek of laughter.

Relieved that this wasn’t going to turn into a scene, the rest of us relaxed, and started probing her about what she found so funny about this revelation.

Does her husband know any of the acts featured in the fantasy? Was he flexible enough to assume the positions? Has he a penchant for Christian Grey toys.

Through her laughter, she finally managed to reveal the reason for her mirth:

“No! I have the exact same fantasies about her husband.”


Working Mum, not quite sure what all this says about my friends and the state of their marriages.