Parenting is tough. Most of us try to ensure our children feel safe, loved, valued and supported. We don’t always get it right – as was evident in Celeb World these last few days.

It’s little wonder that many of the offspring of so-called “listers” end up with “issues” when they get older.

I mean, who, aside from some of the Little Miss Pageant Mummies, would consider sending their young daughter to a school in a slinky evening dress? Yes, I’m talking about Amanda Holden’s latest headline grab.

According to the BGT judge, her nine-year-old daughter Lexie went to her school’s 1990s day dressed as supermodel Cindy Crawford. However, on Twitter, husband Chris Hughes posted that his daughter was dressed like Julia Roberts from the film Pretty Woman – a movie in which the actress plays a prostitute.

There has been an online backlash, with Twitter users branding the outfit “inappropriate”. Whether dressed as Cindy Crawford or Julia Roberts’ prostitute Vivian Ward, the look was rather provocative for a nine-year-old. If one was opting for female icons from 1990s films I would have thought Jessie from Toy Story 2 was more appropriate.

Then we saw North West, Kim and Kanye’s little one, throw a temper tantrum front row at her daddy’s fashion show in New York at the weekend.

Was it because her bulletproof vest (yes, really) was sooooo last season or the fact she was seated next to Ice Queen Vogue editor Anna Wintour that brought on the flood of tears?

Really, what normal (by that I mean non-celeb) parent would expect a one-year-old to sit still for any length of time?

Even if they were watching Peppa Pig on stream, instead of a parade of non-smiling show ponies as in the case of North. It’s just asking the impossible to expect them not to move.

Parents don’t always get it right but sometimes if they just applied a little bit of common sense it would go some way to showing that at least they were trying.

Working Mum, wondering which 1990s movie character Master A could have chosen. Dirk Diggler perhaps?