The Universe is always finding ways to communicate with us but we very often don’t recognise or understand what is being said. It is constantly sending us messages through signs, warnings and our own intuition in order to help us navigate smoothly through life.

To tap into this energy, we need to be open to receiving it and willing to hear it. We need to take note of recurring patterns and accept there is no such thing as coincidence.

The more we tune into our intuition and inner world, the more clearly our dialogue with the universe becomes. Our Witch Twitch has worked with our guides to help get you started.

Watch the video to find your answer and then seek the answers below.


You may be feeling that you need to escape from it all. Questioning your very existence and purpose. You are being urged to open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences, especially involving travel.

This is a good time to consider what it is you truly want. Anything is possible and your guides will be working with you to show the way.

Look out for signs from them – maybe a popped Champagne cork, a forgotten old photo falling from a book, a feather in a strange place, a chance meeting. These will have meaning when they appear, so take note of the time, the day, the location. A new path is calling.


Now is not the time to bow to pressure. You are being urged to stick to your guns, to fight for what is right, even if it means upsetting your partner, boss or work colleague.

There will be times when you feel beleaguered, that you are climbing a mountain that has no summit. Don’t worry this will eventually pass and those very people who have been non-supportive will come around and listen to your reasoning.

Your integrity will be handsomely rewarded. However, be warned about getting all smug and I-told-you-so as this will backfire and send you back to square one. There’s only so many mountains that someone can climb.

Artist's palette

You are being urged to bring new creativity into your life. This may be taking up a new pursuit like drawing or painting, joining a writers’ group or signing up for a dance class. Rumba, anyone?

Let your imagination be your guide and allow your creative juices to flow. By unlocking that secret space within you will find that your life runs more smoothly. You will feel more alive, more enriched and less bothered by the trivial things that so often nag you.

A sexy, more confident you will emerge, attracting a host of opportunities, in business and in love. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Running shoes

Hanging on to the past is damaging the gift that is the present. You are being asked to get out into nature to let these anchoring feelings go.

Take a walk in the park, run along a beach, cycle through a woodland – anything to free yourself from urban constraints. Nature is waiting to cleanse your thoughts, enabling you to dream a brighter future into being.

Shake off old habits, ditch negative patterns and, if needs be, kick to the curb anyone now surplus to requirements. There’s a fresh start to be explored. Do not let your own fear or that of others prevent you from moving on.


You may be feeling you are living a lie or that someone close to you is not revealing their true self. Maybe a relationship is suffering through a lack of trust and truth. It’s time to face up to what is really happening around you, to stop ignoring the niggling feelings that are signalling things are not all they appear.

The universe is giving you permission to snoop. If you think someone is hiding something from you get to work on finding out what it is. Read their emails, their phone messages, hire a PI to follow them. You’ll be proved right or wrong. Either way you’ll feel a whole lot better knowing that you know.


You may be experiencing drama in your world. The problem is your energy is taking a bashing as a result and it could all end in tears – yours.

You are being advised to step away from the situation, to release yourself from the conflict. An argument needs at least two players. Take your bow and exit stage left. You’ll feel a whole lot better once you’re in the wings, observing like a pro rather than performing as a diva.

You have a new role to play, one that may not be as dramatic but will certainly win you plaudits. Rise above the rabble and become the true star of the show.

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