Thursday, November 24 is the American Thanksgiving holiday. I like that the States have a holiday dedicated to saying ta.

That sounds very British. We say thank you and please loads. And sorry. We should have a national Sorry-saying holiday.

We could apologise to those who bump into us, start and sign every email off with “sorry”, and walk around in an abject state of contrition and angst at having accidentally offended anyone.

Which, to be honest, is mine and my mates’ default position.

It’d be handy if we had a day to just acknowledge how sorry we are. Try to get it all out in one go.

Get all those pleas for forgiveness done, and then have a nice meal with our friends and family.

During which we’d pull crackers and read out the “my bad” and “sorry not sorry” passive aggressive slips inside them.

Sorry-saying day would be perfect for us. Instead, we have to put up with all our national holidays being chocolate-based.

Easter: eggs. Christmas: advent calendars. New Year’s Day: whatever’s left in the Celebrations tub.

The US have got it right. A day dedicated to being thankful is a grand idea.

I’ve read enough women’s magazines to know that writing a gratitude list must get you as close to nirvana as Courtney Love.

Gratitude is a positive emotion – it’ll make us feel warm and fuzzy. There are enough Americans in the Wharf family, I say let’s do it anyway.

Let’s say what we’re thankful for this year. State what we’re grateful 2016 has given us.

List all the things we appreciate have happened since January...


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