Does anyone like Valentine’s Day? Apart from chocolate manufacturers and restaurant owners, I mean.

It’s the New Year’s Eve of love. So much expectation it can’t fail to disappoint.

If you’re single it can make you feel like the kid who always got picked last for the school sport’s team.

If you’re in a new relationship, it’s fraught with anxiety over what to get and what it says about your fledgling romance.

Too little and you look unbothered, too much and you look like a crazed stalker.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while it’s an uncomfortable marker to compare yourself to other couples.

They went to New York – you went to the local Thai. Does that mean you should consult a divorce lawyer?

Rise above the commercialisation and people roll their eyes, and think it’s an excuse for being tight.

Embrace the sentimentality and you end up with a house full of flammable cuddly toys.

There is no sweet spot, aside from the confectionery tables in shops.

So, how do you have fun on February 14, without sleeping through the whole day?

I have the solution – have a dinner party. Gather all your mates, those in couples, and those freestyling, and celebrate the love of a good friend.

Everyone can bring a dish and a bottle, and you’ll save a mint compared to forking out for a menu a deux.

You’ll be with your partner if you have one, and with your mates if you don’t. Share disastrous dating anecdotes, and have a laugh.

A chilled night away from the pressure and faff of enforced celebrations, while still having a ball. What’s not to love?

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