Fancy a nice evening out? Don’t discuss politics, religion, or Uber, the controversial ride hailing app which has a million users in London.

Dominating the panicked late night drunken phone jabbing, is the app’s recent brand redesign.

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Gone is their self-explanatory black U against a white background logo and in its place is what looks like a cracked polo mint on a green tiled bathroom floor.

It’s supposed to represent “bits and atoms” according to Uber’s announcement. Bits is a loose description. Clouds are made from “bits and water”. Boris Johnson “bits and flesh”. This column “bits and words”.

Uber is the hot dinner party topic. Not least because it employs the tax avoiding gymnastics and competition destroying tactics favoured by other globally dominant US companies, such as Amazon and Starbucks.

Many frothy mouthed shouters declare their boycott of these tax avoiders. Though, of course, Uber and their big business buddies aren’t doing anything illegal.

If you don’t like our tax system, then take it up with the Government.

Funnily enough, I know at least two of those same frothy mouthed shouters who didn’t vote at the last election because they were too busy.

Uber is very efficient. Gone are the freezing hours swaying outside, just to glimpse the orange light of a free black cab disappear round a corner.

And it’s cheaper. Rather than replacing black cabs – which have the advantage of driving in bus lanes, and carrying multiple passengers, those with disabilities, and luggage – Uber has widened the market to those who couldn’t previously afford to take a car.

Which is why, at the end of the night, most people grab an Uber.

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