It’s September. More than a simple month. More than an Earth, Wind And Fire song. It is a turning point in the year. Summer is officially over.

First there is the collective cheer for all the parents packing their kids off back to school. Then there’s a big grin for all those who find clumps of teens loitering in the malls annoying.

And finally, there’s a huge sigh of relief from everyone that packs of yelping kids wielding Natural History Museum Gift Bags won’t be on trains and DLR carriages, when those same trains and DLR carriages should be empty.

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Even if it means that peak travel gets turned back up from unbearable to horribly unbearable, when the school run launches, and the stragglers ebb and flow their way back from holidays. Sounds good huh?

I like this time of year. When the sun is still warm enough to make drinking outside by the river work.

When the leaves in Jubilee Park start to turn beautiful shades of Instagram. It’s a reminder that another year is starting its slow descent to the end.

But, with three months’ notice, it gives you enough warning to crack on with whatever you have had planned for this year. Nature’s deadline. Well, not the big final one. The smaller, gentler one.

The one that makes you exclaim: “Oh Fuuuuuuurage, I meant to do that thing this year.”

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September is Thingtember. A time to take stock and act, before Christmas explodes and swallows the rest of the year in a blur of festivity.

Use your sun dappled evenings wisely. Aim high. As high as One Canada Square. And, maybe this year won’t turn out so bad after all.

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