She is eight months pregnant but has the abs of an Olympian athlete. Model Sarah Stage has caused controversy posting images of her baby bump on her Instagram account.

With just a month to go before she gives birth the LA model is hardly showing any signs that she is pregnant. Her baby bump is little more than a mound, looking more like a case of trapped wind than the formation of new life.

The model reportedly has stayed in shape through her pregnancy by going to the gym, practising Pilates and eating healthy meals which include chicken, quinoa and vegetables.

She looks phenomenal and will have absolutely no problem getting back in shape after the birth. Unlike me. Some seven years on after the birth of Master A I'm still using the excuse of carrying baby weight for my muffin top issues. Sarah will need no excuses.

However, she has received a number of negative comments, with many people accusing her of being selfish and wilfully damaging her unborn child. There is no evidence to suggest her baby will suffer as a result of her lifestyle. In fact it is more likely to have a positive effect on the unborn child.

This is in contrast to the alarming figures that have just been released in the UK by the Health and Social Care Information Centre about the dramatic rise in obese mothers giving birth.

According to their studies thousands of babies and newborns are being put at risk because their mothers are obese. Evidence shows giving birth while seriously overweight raises the risk of miscarriage and babies dying shortly after being born, as well as youngsters suffering health problems in later life.

Yet no-one seems to raise an eyebrow at an excessively overweight pregnant woman. I’ll admit that is probably down to the fact it’s quite difficult to tell.

It just shows that instead of vilifying Sarah Stage, we should perhaps hold her up as a role model, to show that women don’t need to gain weight in pregnancy.

Working Mum, comparing my own belly with that of Sarah Stage’s and feeling – ironically – rather deflated.