The relaxed stroll (phew) from One Canada Square to Adam Grooming Atelier in Canary Wharf's Jubilee line station left me in need of serious relaxation. Fortunately, with Turkish coffee (delivered unbidden) in hand there was plenty of time to reflect on the place

Here's what I learnt among its wooden slats in a bid to answer the age-old question: Where do I get a haircut in Canary Wharf?

This barbershop is a classless society

Director Mehmet Yaprak shaves a customer

At Adam everyone is a customer. No matter the depth of one's wallet, the content of one's character or the aggressive abilities of one's PA.

Everyone requires hair removal of some sort and, for that, one waits politely and patiently. It's walk-ins only.

It's not the cheapest

Unbidden, free Turkish coffee (a delight with delight)

A haircut is £32. Director Mehmet Yaprak insists, however, that Adam's service is unmatched and excellent value for money.

He's not wrong. My barber is thorough, skilled and

Better still, without being asked he washes my hair again after the cut, neutralising the uncomfortable prickling suffered after trims in other establishments.

There's nothing girly about grooming

The environment is both warm and masculine

The masculine pantomimes are here in force. Shaves are cut throat and naked flames are used to singe off rogue hairs.

Everywhere there are men with beards having them cultivated with balms and oils.

After my cut, my hair is bathed in a fresh lemon cologne that's at once refreshing and leaves me feeling suitably manly.

There's also beer on offer, or to put hairs on your chest to compensate the lack elsewhere there's Yamazaki whisky. Both are, like the coffee, free.

Should I go?

Mehmet singes hair with a naked flame

Mehmet says: “People should come here simply because of the service. We have a great deal of experience and we look after people with a smile.”

He would say that, of course, but I'm heartened when a customer with a European accent (Swiss? German?) comes over to me after his shave having clocked The Wharf's photographer and makes a point of telling me he'd never go anywhere else on the estate having converted to Adam.

Maybe he was angling for a free trim but his words had the ring of truth.

And, thanks to its high footfall position, it's likely to be an option for a long time to come.

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