Why pretty polishes?

I looked at different categories of beauty and, at that time, nails was smallest. It was personal too – I had my first mani-pedi when I was seven, and it’s something I have always loved.

When I used to travel internationally for banking all the men would go to the gym and I’d go to the spa.

How many shades?

We launched with 60, and now we have 72. We have a colour called Catwalk which is my go-to. It’s a beautiful, glamorous grey.

Why do they give women the feel-good factor?

You can tell so much about a woman by the colour she wears – whether she’s conservative, racy or daring. When I go to talk business, I might wear a conservative nude, but a blue for weekends out.

Top tips for this season?

For spring/summer we’ve got Candyland, a collection of six new colours (£75, from March 12) and the most popular’s Strawberry Lace which is a really beautiful pink.

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