Waitrose has recorded its worst Christmas sales figures in nine years.

The supermarket, which has its largest store in Canary Wharf , made less money despite selling more groceries and suffered its most significant decline in like for like sales since its figures began in 2006.

It recorded a 1.4 per cent dip in like for like sales during the six weeks up until January 2.

The festive failure has been put down to shoppers eager to target items on promotion as well as food deflation, which means vegetables at the store now have a price tag which reads 50% lower than last year.

Waitrose boss Mark Price told The Telegraph’s website: “Around 40% of what we sold over Christmas was on promotion, compared to around 20% in previous years.

“The psychology of the shopper is that they are always keen for promotional items, and despite their disposable incomes actually going up, they are now stuck in that mindset.”

Meanwhile, when taking into account the opening of new stores, statistics showed overall sales had increased by 1.2 % compared to last year, and now sit at £859.8million.