Is everything running as smoothly as it should? With your hair that is.

Or are you suffering from issues with breaks, mysterious oily spots or a lack of oomph?

We all take our cars in for an annual check-up and spend hours tuning up our bodies with squats, green juices and expensive moisturisers.

But are you neglecting an important cog in your well-run machine?

Seanhanna in Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf has launched a Hair and Scalp MOT to help take our tresses from tired and rundown to sleek and polished.

Seanhanna in Jubilee Place

We went along to see if we were more Astin Martin DB11 or Ford Fiesta circa 1980.

When you first sit down in the welcoming salon your stylist will ask the usual questions about what service you are in for.

They will then take you through an assessment of your hair and the way you look after it with questions about how much you shampoo, condition, tie it up and colour your locks.

Underlying problems that could be wreaking havoc with your routine such as of psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, inflammation and excess oil or dryness will be pinpointed.

Your strands will be examined and you will be given a run-down of how porous, elastic and dense they are, all of which can be indicators of the condition of your hair.

Then it is time for the scientific bit- taking a closer look at the inner workings.

A special Kerastase camera will take extreme close-ups of the strands on your scalp, mid-lengths and ends so you can see for yourself if the strands are smooth and sleek or zagged and falling apart.

A special camera is used to look at hair close-up

If the outer layer of the hair, known as the cuticle, is damaged it is unable to retain moisture so becomes dry leading to split ends and breakages.

Executive stylist and colour specialist Ivan Ivanov said: “The products people use at home are the most important factor in creating healthy hair. People come in with dry ends and expect to leave with perfect shiny hair. But if you don’t take care of it at home we are fighting a losing battle.”

Seanhanna, executive stylist and colour specialist Ivan Ivanov

We had a minimal amount of corrosion on the ends caused by colouring, which was deftly trimmed off.

Using a lot of heat on hair can sometimes be seen as a sure fire way to cause burn out. But Ivan applied three different protective products to help avoid any bumps in the blowdrying road.

He talked through everything he was using, including the newly released Kerastase Aura Botanica range which is 98% organic and Redken Shine Flash.

Some of the products Ivan used

And he also patiently demonstrated the correct angles and pressure to apply for maximum shine-factor results.

Fortunately we passed our MOT with darkish blonde flying colours, only requiring a small top up of moisture, and left with our newly streamline strands almost outshining the Canary Wharf skyscrapers.

Book a complimentary Hair and Scalp MOT with any cut or colour service until the end of March. You can also download a voucher for a free luxury conditioning treatment worth £15 from the website.

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