For a speedy, skin-friendly glow, bareMinerals' first liquid foundation is a must for a fresh, summer time look.

The brand’s foray into fluid form is fantastic – though fans might miss its signature swirl and tap technique replaced with a swift shake of a bottle.

With 20 shade options you should be able to find one to match your skin.

I plumped for bare linen – one of the palest – yet the silky pool of tan-coloured liquid added an attractive touch of colour to my ivory skin.

Fortunately the product’s formulation is such that there’s no danger of foundation tidemarks or tangerine hues.

It’s shaken up as a liquid but, as soon as it hits your skin, it transforms to a soft and powdery texture. This is smooth and easy to blend.

You only need a pea-sized amount for full coverage – something I realised after a much too heavy-handed squeeze of the bottle. The result is a clean, natural and dewy look that also helps with banishing pesky under-eye darkness.

Even better? It’s a serum and foundation rolled into one. This is a time saving device that will shave precious seconds off your routine first thing in the morning.

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