Nautical stripes are the style of choice for Daisy Schubert – but that’s not only because she’s perched on a South Quay boat soon to become a treasure trove for fashion fans.

Her blue-and-white blazer has been a staple since she snapped it up eight years ago and matches clothes with a “winter” colour palette of cool, bright and deep shades.

Both the lifespan of her garments and colour analysis – which marries an individual’s colour characteristics to seasonal shades – are at the heart of Walk In Wardrobe .

Her event will arrive on board Le Sorelle on August 31.

Rails crammed with pre-worn clobber arranged in shades matching spring, summer, autumn and winter will be brought on board and shoppers can snap up as many as they please for a simple £12 entry fee.

They can also donate good quality, pre-loved items from their own collections.

But this is no ordinary jumble sale.

“We are getting people sustainability conscious, and that’s something I am passionate about,” said Daisy, a personal shopper, stylist and colour analyst.

“Swapping has weird connotations but here you pay the ticket price and take whatever you want.

“If someone can extend the lifetime of a garment that’s wonderful – that’s all we want.”

Eagle-eyed shoppers should look out for a black, 50s-style puffball Karen Millen dress which Daisy is prepared to part with following her sister’s wedding.

“The colour analysis is really relevant. It shows how personal styling can make a difference to how you feel about yourself,” said the 27-year-old.

“I was analysed as a winter but I had lots of beige colours which made me look really pale. If I needed to convince my boss I needed a day off, I just needed to wear my olive jacket.

“We’ve all done it and we know if something doesn’t make us look a great.

“If people have colour analysis, if a piece doesn’t suit them or make them feel beautiful, they can comfortably say ‘no’.

“At Walk In Wardrobe those clothes are getting a second life.

“I don’t care if coral and lime green is in season this year – that’s great for my spring friend – I want clothes to feel like an expression of who I am.”

After founding Wardrobe Workshop less than a year ago the idea for the pop-up sales was sparked by her experiences of “living in a shoebox”.

The jeans, jackets, tops, and dresswear filling the rails are a combination of her clients’ clothes – buys which have fallen out of favour since their colour analysis – and her own collection.

For leather and jeans items not taken home on the day, Hackney Wick-based Everything In Colour has agreed to recycle.

And others deemed high quality but not the right fit for the event will be passed onto Daisy’s friend working in Ghana.

And bringing the Walk In Wardrobe to water?

The bubbly north Londoner said the spacious vessel – which will be decked out with changing rooms, nibbles and an area for personal stylist chat – was ideal.

“The boat itself is phenomenal. Wood has been re-used after Hurricane Katrina and that recycling just fits with my concept,” she added.

“I just love the East End, it’s full of the old and new. It’s the perfect match.”

From 2pm-4pm, August 31.

- If you miss out on this month’s event, don’t worry.

Daisy will be back on board Le Sorelle – along with her walk in wardrobe – on January 16.

Stylist Daisy Schubert who will be holding a Walk in Wardrobe on board Le Sorelle boat in South Quay WARNING WHARF USE ONLY email for details