For men, work wear is often a suit, shirt and smart shoes. Simple.

But for women there are nearly endless options. That can sometimes mean it’s tough to know if you’ve picked an appropriate outfit.

Personal shopper Carlene Noel said knowing the rules was key.

She said: “The main thing is understanding your environment – if it’s compulsory to wear suits or formal wear – that can often be much easier, but what’s difficult is when you’re going for smart casual.

“Just think about your role and your workplace and what fits best within that – whether you’re going to be meeting clients or not it’s about taking care in your appearance and thinking about the company’s image because you’re representing your firm as well as yourself.

“Taking care with your outfit affects the way you carry yourself, how your colleagues interact with you and those who are above you will assume you’re taking your job more seriously if you’re smarter.

Personal Shopper Carlene Noel in Banana Republic, Canary Wharf

“Dressing to your body shape is very important as well – certain styles may not look appropriate on a women with more curves, or may swamp someone with a more petite figure.”

Carlene’s top tip for smartening up an outfit involves just one piece.

She said: “For both men and women, putting on a jacket can instantly make your outfit look smarter without too much effort.

“Have it on the back of your chair and choose one in neutral colour so you can sling it on with anything when you need to.”

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