There’s no point ridding your body of toxins on the inside if you’re only going to let them sneak in through your pores.

But where do you start protecting yourself, and how do you know it’ll actually work?

Head herbalist at Neal’s Yard Remedies Tipper Lewis explained the benefits of using natural beauty products.

She said: “By choosing natural and organic you are feeding your skin with the very best ingredients that nature has to offer packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

“All of our certified organic products are free of anything that could potentially irritate skin such as synthetic fragrances or mineral oil, and instead contain organic, natural and wild harvested ingredients.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm (£38) containing high levels of rosehip seed oil, which can help reduce redness, and borage, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

“Synthetic fragrances are known to have a potential irritation power, so we only use the purest essential oils in our products. Not only do they smell amazing, they work on two levels.

“Firstly they work topically with their skin care benefits and secondly they provide therapeutic benefits through their aromas, making organic products not only efficacious, but also a beautiful sensorial experience.

“A good example of this is Frankincense essential oil which is used in our award winning range named after it.

“It offers anti-ageing and skin toning benefits, as well as working on an emotional level to calm and de-stress.

“Choosing products that contain ingredients free from contamination by pesticides and chemical fertilisers means they are better for you as well as the farmers who grow the crops, their families and communities, the soil, future crops, wildlife and water.”

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