For many Canary Wharf workers, the joy of a personal package landing on the desk from the office delivery team is no more.

Banks on the estate including HSBC, CitiGroup and JP Morgan have all banned non work-related deliveries to E14.

Often, staff place their orders with their professional postal address listed to avoid the inconvenience of a missed parcel at home – and consequent jaunt to a sorting depot after hours.

Both the cost and security concerns have been cited as reasons for the shift on the estate which received an influx of 130,000 parcels last year at a time when backroom staff have been trimmed.

But no fear – that same day delivery to E14 can now be dispatched at Doddle .

The purple hues of the Churchill Place venue, which opened on Monday, house easy ways to post out parcels to the UK and overseas as well as collect items that have been ordered.

That means the stock room is filled with violet boxes and bags, ready to accommodate items to be sent for a minimum economy fee of £2.99, with packaging costing extra.

You’ll also find store manager Samina Qureshi surrounding by incoming items from brands including ASOS and Amazon.

It is these lifestyle packages she expects to be the most popular despatched to Doddle and thinks both returns and collections will be the most common requests from customers.

“Doddle is a very simple concept and something that everyone can relate to - they can see the value in it,” she said.

“People can send everything to here, collect it and use it as their personal address.

“And Doddle is on the way to and from work so you’re not going to go out of your way. And with us, you have got the whole day to come, as we open at 7am and close at 8pm. We do the waiting so they don’t have to.”

And Doddle’s no ordinary deliver-to point – it even has its own dressing room.

So for those multi-outfit buyers who order in a variety of sizes to make sure they get the perfect fitting LBD, it’s ideal.

A changing room means they can arrive with their collection code, pick up their haul and try it on in the changing room.

“When you’ve ordered something you don’t like, how many times do you get around to returning it?,” added Samina, who recently moved to east London.

“Here you can try it on and if it doesn’t fit you can go straight back out there and return it.”

But for those busy business folk who simply can’t escape the office?

A runner system – currently employed in Doddle’s Chancery Lane branch – will be rolled out in Canary Wharf by the end of this month.

This means customers simply download the Doddle App, snap an image of their item to be delivered, and a friendly face will arrive at their office within an hour ready to collect and post their goods.

Services are available either on a pay as you go basis or Unlimited Collection, where customers get the first two months free and the third for £5.

Jack Finger has been a runner at Doddle’s Chancery Lane outpost for the past five weeks.

Doddle, Canary Wharf. Pictured runner Jack Finger

- On his new role

“Its been really good. The user downloads the app and takes a picture of the product and I will be sent out. My face will pop up on their phone to say I am on my way and I’ll get to them within an hour.

“I didn’t know the area well as I’m from north west London so it’s also been great to find good spots for lunch and to sit outside.”

- On the most quirky parcel he’s collected.

“I’ve had a few weird things so far. I picked up a fancy dress costume from Toy Story – that’s probably the strangest but it was quite lightweight.”

-On the best bits

“You’re out on your feet all day so not stuck behind a desk and you get to meet new people all the time.

It’s constantly new interactions with new people and that’s something I enjoy doing.”