Rolling out of bed and into the shower might take a matter of minutes. But perfecting curly hair with staying power at the dressing table mirror?

That’s something a lot more time consuming for Canary Wharf workers.

Blow Ltd in Jubilee Place Mall has the answer. It’s new at-home service means your hair can be made beautiful without the need to leave your lounge.

The door-to-door blow dries, booked online or through the app, are spot on when you’re too time-pressed to trek to the salon.

But it’s just as good for making girly getting-ready sessions as party season hits.

Stylist Chardnay arrived just as I was rinsing the last suds out of my hair.

The service stretches across Zones One and Two. Users receive a confirmation email along with the employee’s photo and name.

Chardnay had zipped from E14 and set up salon in the living room in keeping with the name – Fast Beauty On Demand.

Bottles of Blow Ltd’s first product range, #10minuteblow , filled the table and she said they’d quicken up the drying process courtesy of water-zapping ingredients.

She wasn’t wrong.

I chose my staple Beach Blow, the curling tongues came out, and she got to work.

The Rise and Shine Root Lift Lotion wasn’t sticky and left my hair with that volumised, swishy feeling and further curl boosting was assisted by a spritz of Big and Bouncy Volume Spray.

I’d barely finished my brew before she put down her tools. As in the Canary Wharf salon, these hairdressers are expert in keeping to time on the signature 30 minute blow.

Fast Beauty on Demand, various prices.

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