Wharfers are working the bedroom to boardroom look - by switching morning make-up bags for cosmetic tattoos.

Bushy hairstroke brows, Latino eyeliner flicks and lip liners are all on Laura Kay’s new semi permanent treatment list at Re:SPA, in Reebok Sports Club.

The process is a form of tattoo because the micro-pigmentation applied to skin can remain indefinitely, although it does fade in around four weeks.

The benefits? More snooze time and no shaky hand syndrome to ruin a perfectly smudged smoky eye.

Make up artist Laura latched onto the trend after warning pals not to sleep in their slap - and she believes the natural look of her cosmetics is a perfect fit for the estate’s businesswomen.

“In Canary Wharf a lot of women just want to wake up and go - they want to wake up beautiful,” said the 30-year-old.

“They don’t have the time in the morning to draw on eyebrows every day and, if their lashes are very fair, they’ll just be able to put on mascara and go.

“They’re quick thinking people, they’ve made up their mind they want it, and they want it in their lunch break.

“Eyebrows take around two hours - but lashes you can do in one hour.

“The majority of my clients are aged 35 or more and have lost their eyebrows due to over-plucking, or a medical condition.

“It’s the confidence permanent make up gives - especially if you haven’t got eyebrows or if you have a specific shape - it makes such a difference.

“It makes you look younger and it frames your face.”

Laura started out in her career, with traditional tools of kohl pencils, aged just 15.

She switched to more science-savvy equipment a couple of years ago as the trend for shaded brows that just won’t shift gained pace.

The procedure involves two initial appointments and “top ups” which, on average, are required every year.

Celebrities including EastEnders star Rita Simons (Roxy Mitchell) have been on her various treatment tables in Hertfordshire and Knightsbridge, with the E14 monthly pop up the latest on the list.

She’s also keen to dispel myths about the make-up for her new east London clientele.

Firstly, she said there’s no pain - just a slight scratchy feeling.

“Permanent make up has changed such a lot from what it used to be,” she added.

“The image people are used to seeing is one of a not too attractive person wearing it, or you’d see black eyebrows.

“I like to do it naturally - it should be an enhancement to the face.”

>Appointments for eyebrows cost £495 for two.

Go to laurakaypermanentmakeup.com or reebokclub.co.uk .