Glamorous gowns, beaded headbands and stunning capes gave a snapshot of designer Zahavit Tshuba’s bohemian bridal style.

Her 12-piece collection will be launched at Canary Wharf’s Les Trois Soeurs in September.

We had a sneak peek at the stunning dresses - featuring intricate details, daring cuts and trailing skirts - at an exclusive showcase in Plateau, Canada Square.

Here we quiz the Israeli designer about her dresses.

Congratulations on designing your first range for Les Trois Soeurs - how does it feel?

It’s very exciting. I love the brands the boutique offers, each one is unique, and I feel connected to the concept of the shop.

That’s really important for me. It's very different and very fashionable - it matches the name they chose for the boutique.

How will it entice Canary Wharf’s brides-to-be?

The collection is bohemian in style - it’s not traditional.

It’s not like lots of bridal dresses as it’s more free-spirited and for a fashionable bride, who wants to be really different.

It has a combination of simple fabrics like net and crochet lace but big skirts too.

At the beginning, it might be a bit difficult to expose it to new brides but, over time, the designs will become more familiar.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I can get it from everything - but not bridal dresses.

I always want to bring something new and I think of myself. If I was going to be the bride, I’d want to be very different,

Of course I use traditional materials but at the same time I try to look for the twist - a lot of that comes from Italian and French movies in the 1970s.

And sometimes it’s from the street, I can get inspiration from anything I’m exposed to.

Material-wise I love net - it has form, but it’s also open.

I think everything must be a bit open and have air inside so that’s a bit of my personality in the design.

Tell us about the signature deep V cut - both on the front and rear of your designs?

I’ve always designed the deep V for myself and my evening dresses.

It’s something I’ve done and had in my closet for 20 years and it was always with a black dress.

The first thing I did was bring it to the bridal dresses and everyone loved it.

What’s your favourite gown in this range?

I really love the Lucia dress, with the old-style lace, and the last one I showcased – that was Lola, a very simple cut with beads on the back.

Lola dress

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