Neal’s Yard Remedies have a few products that will help you relax into your holiday before even leaving UK soil.

Being a nervous flyer (‘nervous’ is really playing it cool to be honest) anything that brings a level of calm before stepping on a flight is very welcome.

The soothingly pleasant lavender and frankincense from the Travel Remedies to Roll (£6.50) may just be a small distraction, but it did seem to help with pre-flight nerves as we taxied across the tarmac.

The White Tea Facial Mist (£11.50) stepped in mid flight when dry face syndrome kicked in - and worked much better than I thought it would - with plenty of top-ups requested by my travel buddies. There was the mildest of sticky residue left afterwards - but compared to other similar products it was light and refreshing.

The final positive is that they are both made of plastic - so airport security can’t take it off you for ‘breach of flight safety rules.’

Find Neal's Yard Remedies in Canary Wharf Tube station.