When was the last time your body smelt so good you couldn’t stop sniffing yourself?

A new massage indulgence has launched at The Spa at Third Space in Canary Wharf based around five fragrances- each said to offer a different benefit.

The kokolokahi treatment by Shared Beauty Secrets begins with my therapist talking me through each of them, explaining their properties and letting me decide which aroma I prefer.

All have a coconut oil base to moisturise the skin.

Revive is made with uplifting grapefruit and geranium, Harmony with jasmine and relaxing ylang ylang, Serenity with soothing lavender and bergamot and balance with

But the most ravishing to my nostrils was the Strength with alluring frangipani, patchouli and sandalwood.

I was then offered a choice of massage, a gentle one aimed at relaxation, a deep tissue to work out those knots or a sports massage to really go deep.

It was a no brainer to choose the second option as I was suffering from the tension so common to desk workers.

The kokolokahi treatment by Shared Beauty Secrets is available at The Spa at Third Space in Canary Wharf

My therapist got to work kneading the oil into my sore muscles from head to toe.

Yes there were moments of pain as she worked over what she called an “impressive” line of trigger knots in my mid-back and I could have asked her to ease the pressure at any point. But I decided to take inspiration from the oil and be strong so as to get the greatest benefit from the experience.

It paid off as by the end, as I lay under the warm towel, I felt my muscles sinking into the coach.

I emerged feeling slightly woozy but also stronger, freed from the shackles of tension that had been weighing me down.

And the feeling lasted for hours, enhanced by the amazing aroma emanating from my every pore.

It was without a doubt the best smelling massage I have ever had and my other half even commented on the fragrance wafting around me when I got home.

Suffice to say I have ordered my own bottle of the oil.

The kokolokahi treatment lasts 50 minutes and costs £77 for Third Space members or £80 for guests.

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