The hot weather is here to stay for at least a few more days.

The Met Office has issued a level 3 heatwave alert for London which runs until 9am on Thursday, June 22.

And while the sunshine is being welcomed with open arms- over heating can be dangerous for your health.

Air-conditioning provides a relief in most Canary Wharf buildings. But where’s the fun in staying stuck indoors all summer?

So for those who want to soak up some Vitamin D, without ending up soaking their shirt, here are some tips on how to stay cool around the estate.

1) Stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm

Seek out one of Canary Wharf’s shaded terraces for a relaxing lunch break.

Some that feature umbrellas or parasols include Carluccio’s, the Slug And Lettuce and Iberica La Terraza.

Plus they are all close to the centre of the estate meaning less distance to walk and less chance of overheating.

See a full list of terraces here .

2) Pop on a hat

Accessorize Brigitte nautical floppy hat

Coats, umbrellas and extra pairs of shoes are all things we happily keep at the office for rainy days .

So why not a sunhat?

Accessorize in Canada Place has a range of lightweight straw and paper hats for men and women to choose from.

Make sure the brim is wide enough to provide shade on your face and, preferably neck as well.

Then simply pop it on before heading out for lunch to help keep the heat off.

3) Top up your suncream

Clinique SPF 30 Virtu-Oil Body Mist

Getting burnt is one of the sure-fire ways to feel overheated.

Clinique SPF 30 Virtu-Oil Body Mist is a lightweight formula that absorbs within seconds so you can leave the office without a shiny body or face.

It also has a bonus cooling sensation when applied.

Available from Boots, Cabot Place, Canada Place, Jubilee Place

4) Drink plenty of water

The Citrus Zinger Gift Set

Get a reusable water bottle, they are kinder to the environment and our health.

The Citrus Zinger Gift Set is a 795ml bottle made from BPA/EA-free Eastman Tritan Plastic.

It features a wide neck to allow ice cubes to be added and a set off three attachments help jazz up water with a citrus press for limes, oranges or lemons, a slicer that is great for cooling cucumbers and a kiwi reamer to add a tropical flavour.

The finger loop means it won’t slip from sweaty palms and it is dishwasher safe.

Available For £20 here .

5) Eat small light meals


This helps avoid creating metabolic heat as food is digested, which warms up the body.

Too much protein is also known to boost metabolic rate and increase body temperature.

Head to Crussh for a line-up of raw juices, super salad boxes and plenty of vegetarian options.

There are also a range of retailers offering snack pots filled such as Pret and Pure.

See more places to get a light lunch here .

6) Swap your usual coffee for an iced version

Costa latte over ice

Costa in Cabot Place now has a menu of drinks Over Ice as opposed to the fattening milkshake and smoothie style options offered by many coffee shops.

Order any coffee as a cold version from cappuccinos to flavoured lattes.

7) Try an ancient Chinese remedy

Avoid too much caffeine altogether and instead opt for chrysanthemum tea.

The popular Chinese remedy is said to have cooling properties whilst also helping keep a clear head and being caffeine free.

Buy it here

8) Cool down back to the office

Boots travel spray bottle 100ml

Stop buy Boots in Cabot Place, Canada place or Jubilee Place and buy a refillable spray bottle .

Fill it with chilled water and keep it in the fridge at work.

Spray on the face, back of the neck, and back of the knees to cool down on the return back to the office or whenever the heat strikes/

9) Rehydrate the skin

Sisley floral spray mist

Going from beaming sunshine to air conditioning is a recipe for dry, dehydrated skin.

To combat this keep a refreshing product such as Dr Dennis Gross C+ Colagen Perfect Skin Set And Refresh Mist in the office.

It can be misted on over bare skin or make-up and will help combat hyperpigmentation, often caused by sun exposure, calm redness with oatmeal extract and boost hydration with hyaluronic acid.

Sisley also does a Floral Spray Mist with extracts of rose and orange blossom that is available from Space NK in Cabot Place .

More advice on how to cope in the warmer weather can be found on the NHS website and on the Public Health England website.

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