The online shopping world will be filled with discounts galore on Cyber Monday (Nov 28).

Prices will be slashed on fashion, electricals, beauty, holidays and more.

But how can you click on them if you are stuck in a busy office with your boss nearby?

Here are five ways you can shopping at your desk.

1) The Martyr

Scout out an empty, tucked away desk the day before and then arrive at work sniffling. Tell your boss you didn’t want to phone in sick and let them down but that you better move to said desk in the from anyone else so you don’t infect them with your germs. If your boss comes near start a coughing fit to mask you closing down your browser.

2) The Ninja

Attach a mirror to your screen so you can see anyone coming up behind you, turn down the brightness to make it harder to see from a distance and create a Boss Key that lets you hide what you are doing with a single keystroke.

3) The Brown-noser

If you get caught smile sweetly and simply explain how it’s good for the company because if you do a little online shopping at work you don’t have to leave the office to get lunch. This has just the right touch of logic and sweet-talking.

4) The Drama Queen

Yell “Don’t look! I’m shopping for your (very expensive) Christmas present.” It must be said while frantically trying to shield the screen with your whole body.

4) The Cringe Inducer

Apologise and tell them you have to do it now because you have to spend your lunchtime getting a “downstairs problem” looked at. Whatever you do, keep it vague.

5) The Secret Agent

Keep a file bulging with paperwork and marked Big Project on your desk and pat it as you say: “I’m researching shopping trends for a big important idea that I will wow you with very soon.” If they ask to see it, drop it on the floor and start scrabbling around picking up paper until they grow bored.

And the five websites you should be browsing:


The online auction site will reveal new offers each day until Tuesday, November 29.


It’s weekend of deals will run until the end of Cyber Monday. Details aren’t confirmed but last year shoppers were treated to 20% off everything using a special discount code.


It has 13 days of discounts this year and has a Buy Now price promise that means prices won’t go any lower before the end of the sale or they will refund the difference.

The Outnet

Up to 85% off luxury and designer brands until Tuesday, November 29


Operates flights out of London City Airport to 40 destinations and last year had numerous Cyber Monday discounts.

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