The season has definitely changed and invites to Christmas parties have started to drop.

If you are hankering for a new hairstyle for winter but are lacking inspiration, help is at hand.

This November The Curious Comb in Greenwich is marking a year at its premises in Hazel Square, where a team of 14 staff, all from the local area, and is growing rapidly.

The independent business was also recently a finalist for Salon Of The Year at the British Hairdressing Awards 2016.

Owner Selena Pang said “ We get a lot of clients who work in Canary Wharf. But it is also a real family salon, with lots of men, kids, grandmas, a real mixture.

Salon owner Selena Pang

“And being here, closer to the centre of Greenwich we get a lot more students. So there is more creative stuff coming through and all of the team like to try and create something a bit different that they can’t get somewhere else.”

Here Selena picks her five hottest seasonal hair trends and offers readers 20% off any one service until December 10.

1. The lob (aka long bob)


Back in 2008 Japanese researchers found when economies were doing well, women wore their hair long; when there was a slump, they cut it short. In this Brexit no-mans land we are wavering between the two.

Selena said: “ This is a mid-length style worn by Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It is really easy to manage and versatile so it suits everyone. It pretty much works on every type of hair. If you have wavy hair it will have a beachy look or on straight hair it will look quite blunt and sharp.”

2) Less is more

HAIR TRENDS: Less is more

The days of sitting in foils are over according to Selena, having been usurped over the last few years by balayage, a free-hand highlighting technique that results in less obvious re-growth and means fewer visits to the salon to touch up roots.

“Women don’t have time to get their hair done every six weeks any more,” said Selena.

But now balayage’s even more subtle younger sister flamboyage is taking over. It is done using sticky strips that pick up just some of the hair for colouring so when it falls back down it gives a really subtle effect.

“Flamboyage is an exclusive technique from Davines , for those ultra-natural pieces of colour you only see on children,” said Selena.

“Your hair looks like it has just been touched by the sun and contoured in the same way make-up contouring has been really big. You just have some natural lightness to bring out your eyes and cheekbones.”

3) Autumn brights

HAIR TRENDS: Autumn brights

It’s time to say goodbye to the rainbow hair trend and embrace a more natural colour.

Selena said: “We had the vivid trends in colour, with mermaid hair, around the summer and festival time. Now coming into autumn and winter there is much more subtly with brunettes sporting flashes of colour.

“Bright colours are still big but not in such an unnatural sense. So coppers, browns, reds and those autumn tones.”

4) Imperfect plaits

HAIR TRENDS: Imperfect plaits

Braiding is still a huge trend this season.

“Not traditional, tight plaited ones but boho, mussed up braids that look like you have just thrown it up,” said Selena. “Nothing too stark and pulled back but just a slightly more glamorous version of what you could achieve at home. Lot’s of braids, beachy waves and random bits of hair pinned up for a tousled effect.”

5) A bit of sparkle

Glitter parting for hair feature

The student crowd are still going crazy for shimmering partings, said Selena. This involves using hair glitter on your parting to create a “fairy look” which is great for all those Christmas events. It also covers up your roots if you haven’t had time to visit the salon in between all that eggnog sipping and mincepie munching.


The Curious Comb in Greenwich is offering 20% off for new clients for any cutting and/or colouring service when they quote WHARF20.

The discount is not valid with any other offers and is valid until 5.30pm on Saturday, December 10.

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