Ground-breaking designs, yachting lifestyle options and the latest gadgets were all part of London On-Water 2017.

The luxury boating show sailed into St Katharine Docks in Wapping from Thursday, June 8-11.

If you weren’t able to make here are the products you need to know about.

London On-Water

1) Possibly the most unique boat ever built

CEO of Glider Robert McCall

Hard to believe that an dated “ugly” catamaran was the inspiration for the sleek Glider yacht.

It is the brainchild of CEO Robert McCall- a former telecoms engineer who retired at 36 to captain super yachts in the Caribbean.

“It will give a smooth ride even on choppy seas at high speed,” he said.

“You can travel fast comfortably whereas on a normal boat you will be banging from wave to wave and after 10 minutes you will have had enough.

“In the Glider you can sip Champagne at 60 knots.”


He began started sailing at 12 and dreamt of being a boat designer but became an electrical mechanical engineer after his father said he had to get a trade.

“But my passion was always sailing- I’m a water baby,” said Robert.

The Glider balances on two blades, with the Hyper Sorts model reaching speeds of over 94 knots.

The open top cockpit features racing style seats for five people, a minimalist double touch screen navigation system, a Champagne cooler, and booming JL Audio MediaMaster sound system.


The unique design was sparked by a jet-propelled wave piercing catamaran he piloted from St Martin to St Barts.

“I realised it had unusually good sea keeping qualities even though it was a very old design and very ugly,” said the Southampton-based entrepreneur.

“Later that year crossing the Atlantic I started thinking about how it could be changed to make it better.

“So I came out of retirement, surrounded myself with some of the best aerospace and aviation and F1 engineers in the world and went through several more years of refinement.”

He began working on the design in 2007 and his team used computational fluid dynamic modelling on super computers to perfect the design which required harmonisation of the propulsion, the stability control system and the hull form dynamics.


He landed £1million investment to start up the company officially in 2012 and has 18 clients interested in buying the yachts which start in the region of £1million.

He has now landed further investment in the £10millions to expand the range with designs for a model featuring an eight-berth cabin.

“There is no better toy to have in the Med,” said Robert.

“You can throw fives peoples luggage and the golf clubs in the boot- which is as big as a Bentley’s- and shoot across to a private island for soirees and then shoot back.”

2) The one that will make you feel like James Bond

The Sunus Ocean Racing boat made by Specte Boats Int.

You know a boat is cool when it makes it onto an episode of The Grand Tour .

And this racing boat’s 007 credentials start with the company that crafted the 32foot, bullet-shaped machine - Spectre Boats .

It makes several models but this version of the 32R is the fastest, with a carbon vacuum infused hull and two 2.6L, 400 horsepower engines boosting it to speeds of up to 100mph.

Richard Hammond performed a donut in it- without crashing- on television.

And now company director Tom-Montgomery-Swan will be ramping up the testosterone even further by teaming up with famous action-man Ben Fogle to race the SOR C237 around the British Isles.

Tom Montgomery-Swan from Sunus Ocean Racing

Just like Bond the Sunus Racing team will be fighting for the innocent- aiming to break the world speed record to raise money and awareness for still birth charities after losing their baby sons in the same week.

Tom, 30, who was youngest person in the world to circumnavigate the UK when he was 12, said: “This boat has national speed record for her marathon class so is one of the fastest boats in Europe.

“We will be aiming to do it in 50 hours non-stop, averaging 50mph with no loo breaks or sleep.”

Spectre Boats CEO Tom Montgomery-Swan

They expect to pull a g-force of 6 on landing- twice what astronauts experience during an average rocket launch.

Those who want to experience the same thrills can buy a 32R starting from £150,000.

The company based in Exeter builds 12 boats a year in Poland and Devon, working with Mercury- makers of the largest marine engines in the world.

“We are like the McLaren of the boat world,” said Tom

“This is the hard-core version of the weekender racer but we also do one with a cabin upfront and go from the luxury market to family boating.”

3) How to cruise on the Med in classic style

The Oyster 545 yacht

From the sleek contemporary exteriors to the wood panelled interiors, Oyster Yachts is about providing comfort on the water.

The company sells 11 models but will release two new models, the 565 and 595, later this year.

“Our boats are designed for very comfortable sailing,” said director of sales Richard Gibson.

“They are boats that can cross oceans and circumnavigate the world.

“A lot of the systems are automated or hydraulic which make them easier to operate.”

Oyster director of sales Richard Gibson

Each boat takes over a year to build with clients able to customise the layout and choose options such as polished woodwork, high-end fabric upholstery and quartz worktops.

“We have put pianos on boats, saunas. We did one recently with a 50L rum tank, a bath, gun cabinets, wine storage. If you want something will normally be able to accommodate it.

“Our builders enjoy the challenge.”

The company also organises rallies for its boat owners around the world so they can meet with like-minded sailors.

4) How to be eco friendly on the water

Torqeedo distributor Steve Hawkins

Canary Wharf is no stranger to electric motors following the arrival of Tesla in Cabot Place.

Torqueedo is a brand of electric outboard motors designed and manufactured in Germany.

They feature a large lithium battery- similar to that in an electric car, that powers the propeller and can be charged via the solar panels or at docks and marinas via a 12V connection.

The battery can also be disconnected to be charged overnight at home.

It allows for a day of cruising at very slow speeds of two knots, four hours at a moderate pace or a one-hour high speed trip across the water.

“It does everything a petrol motor would do,” said Steve Hawkins from Lowestoft-based distributors Charity and Taylor.

Prices start at £1,000 for a 1.5 horsepower engine, suitable for a dinghy, with the range gong up to a 80 horsepower suitable for speed boats and catamarans.

5) The latest gadgets for sailors

Raymarine's 3D mapping fish finder technology

Raymarine as taken navigation to a new level with its Axiom system.

A transducer screwed to the helm of a boat will feed back real-time sonar imagery to a touchscreen.

The resulting 3D image will not only show the underwater landscape but also shoals of fish and can be manipulated using fingertips.

Launched in February prices start from £745 for a seven inch screen.

The company also makes a thermal camera, aimed at making nighttime arrivals into marinas safer.

Raymarine's thermal camera technology

And its systems also feature a man overboard button which drops a virtual marker- allowing sailors to navigate swiftly back to the location.

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