Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. We can’t get enough of the stuff.

But there is more to it then a simple energy boost.

UK Coffee Week will arrive from April 10 to 16 celebrating the amazing variety of beans and raise funds for communities that grow them.

Here are five coffee shops in Canary Wharf that can cater to your whims

1. Hurried

Starbucks, Canary Wharf DLR

Starbucks launches express store in Canary Wharf – the first of its kind in Europe

For when you really need to hustle without the hassle this express store is right by the DLR station escalators.

Super stressed customers heading to the office at the crack of dawn can order and pay on their mobiles and then simply dash in and out for their extra hot triple espresso.

Or Canary Wharf workers with a few extra seconds can queue at an ordering point, indicate their preference and then move to a separate pay point before milling about in similar fashion to the brand’s standard stores.

When we went in coffee delivery was just under one minute, 35 seconds, including payment but excluding queuing.

That’s pretty fast even by Canary Wharf standards.

Open Mon-Fri 6am-8.30pm and Sat-Sun 10am to 6pm.

2. Sad

Change Please, Reuters Plaza

Change Please

Rather than wallowing, visit the portable Piaggio van parked outside Canary Wharf station.

You will be greeted with a sunny smile and served by a barista trained by this social enterprise, which helps homeless people find work.

Not only is the coffee from the respected Old Spike Roastery but your money will be going towards helping others in need.

So you can walk away with a hot beverage and a warm feeling in your heart.

Open Mon-Fri, 7am to 4pm

3. Indulgent

Caffe Nero, Jubilee Place

Caffe Nero

Now the weather is warming up the iced coffees will move into the spotlight.

The Frappe Creme Coconut And Chocolate is more milkshake than coffee and comes in at 516 calories – more if you add creme on top.

However this cafe is a bit further away than most so you can feel smug knowing you got a delicious drink and burned off at least five calories walking there and back.

Open Mon-Fri 6am to 9pm, Sat 7am to 9pm and Sun 8.30am to 8.30pm

4. Virtuous

Cpress, Crossrail Walk


This store only serves up organic food and drink which are higher in antioxidants and lower in pesticides, apparently.

Its Cold Brew Coffee is made with filtered water, organic Ethiopian coffee and nothing else.

And bypassing all that milk means the 300ml bottle only has three calories in it. That’s only one more than a Tic Tac.

Open Mon-Fri 7am to 8pm and Sat-Sun 10am to 6pm

5. High-brow

Taylor Street Baristas, South Colonnade

Taylor St

Prides itself on being a cut above the high street chains.

The cafe operates with two coffee machines and some pumping tunes to help prime the barista team.

Its coffee is always blind tasted and if it passes must then prove it is produced ethical before it makes it on to the menu.

The queue in the mornings can be pretty long but its loyal customers say it is worth the wait.

Open Mon-Fri, 7am-5.30pm.

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