The Spring Equinox is here heralding the end to the dark days of huddling under blankets.

It is time so step into the spring light.

But are you ready for all it will reveal?

Here are four ways you can ensure you are in tip top condition as you begin to shed those winter layers.

1) Beautii

Beautii manicurist Julia Wen

This mobile beauty firm has joined the growing pack of on-demand services available in Canary Wharf.

The service offers hair, make-up and nail appointments at the place and time of your choosing.

Manicurist Julia Wren has done the nails on the sets of music videos and television commercials so we knew we were in good hands.

She was extremely friendly and chatty but did not interrupt the flow of the busy office, fitting the filing and polishing of our talons around our furious typing.

One of the downsides to having a manicure at your desk is you are likely to have less choice of colours.

We opted for a shimmery pink (well it is the colour of the season) and when a small error appeared after she had set the Shellac polish she took the time to correct it.

The finished nails

The service was quick, efficient and kept within the promised 60 minutes with none of our colleagues even seeming to notice what was happening.

Until we started waving our pretty new fingernails in their faces that is.

Gel manicure £45

2) Renunail


Have you committed the sin of destroying your nails by picking off your gel manicure or never giving them a break from the polish?

With summer coming your fingers and toes will be getting more exposure as the gloves and tights get packed away.

Renunail is an award-winning nail strengthener that claims to transform your talons in just 28 days.

The process involves applying the strengthener every day for seven days, removing on day seven and repeating until you have completed four weeks.

The formula is enriched in calcium to strengthen damaged nails and camphor to soothe sensitivity as the nail grows.

You can then apply the more gentle nude strengthener to give your nails some colour without weakening them.

Available from Boots, Jubilee Place, Cabot Place, Canada Place

3) The Beauty Suite Canary Wharf

The Beauty Suite at Canary Wharf Health Club, manager Chloe Kiamil

Everyone knows if you feel detoxed and relaxed you look better.

Massages are designed to do both but so often are ruined by a little irritation such as the room being too cold, the background music too repetitive.

This is not the case at The Beauty Suite in The Canary Wharf Health Club where everything works in harmony.

Manager Chloe Kiamil is welcoming and perfectly turned out- which always imbues confidence- but with a surprisingly strong massage pressure.

Our Wellbeing Back Massage never tipped over into painful though allowing tension to melt away from neck, shoulders and back.

A treatment room at The Beauty Suite

There was not a hint of panpipes or whale song in the all important background tunes which we meant to ask about at the end.

But like the knots in our back, all thoughts seem to have drifted away into a world of relaxation.

Cabot Square, £42/25

4) Sisley

Sisley Deeply Purifying Mask

The newly launched Deeply Purifying Mask with tropical resins is said to be an SOS measure for dull complexions.

Apply a thick layer to a cleansed face and the white clay will draw out your enemies AKA excess sebum and impurities.

Benzoin and Burdock will target blemishes and extracts of myrrh and frankincense will soothe.

Rinse off after 10 minutes and you should reveal smoother, brighter skin, that will glow under the bright sunshine.

Just try not to become enthralled by your own reflection or you will never make it outside.

£80 from Space NK, Cabot Place or John Lewis click and collect at Waitrose Canada Place.

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