I was due to attend the Bafta and BFI Screenwriters’ Lecture Series by renowned writer of Brookside, Cracker, and The Lakes, Jimmy McGovern.

I was going to write about class and Canary Wharf, as Jimmy McGovern’s shows often centre on working class characters.

But I never made it. Instead I got stuck in a vintage dress when the zipper broke, and I dislocated my shoulder trying to escape.

I tell you, Houdini would have struggled with getting out of 1980s polyester.

Taken to bed with a hefty dose of painkillers I awoke, realigned and rested, to the emailed transcript of the previous night’s on stage conversation between Miranda Sawyer and Jimmy McGovern.

And it was marvellous. It was all there: every “Pardon?” every “[Laughter]”. And I thought wouldn’t it be marvellous if you could get a transcript of every evening out you missed?

Wharfers know all too well the pull of the work-hard-play-hard aspect of London culture.

Social diaries are rammed with concerts, comedy clubs, ice skating and quizzes. And that’s just what’s on in Canary Wharf in October.

Our free time is frantic and fun filled and, sometimes, overwhelming.

As the nights draw in and the temperature outside drops to join that of our air conditioned offices, who doesn’t feel the pull of the sofa?

You could go to the bar after work, or you could go home and snuggle under a blanket, in your pyjamas, and watch Great British Bake Off .

With a transcript of the previous night’s antics, you wouldn’t miss out on any in-jokes, gossip, budding work relationships and deals. Someone should offer this service immediately. That truly would be class.

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