It’s a leap year. February 29 is a Monday. I feel cheated. That’s an extra day at work. An extra Monday. Imagine if we had 12 extra Mondays a year?

Twelve extra days back at work. Twelve extra days of the crushing, rat race blues that mark the beginning of a new working week. A Groundhog Day of miserable Mondays.

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I do like 28-day months though. Neater, four complete seven day weeks that fit tidily into a diary. If we made all our months 28 days long, we’d have 26 days free. That’s almost a whole 28-day month off!

We could do so much with those free days. At this cold, insipid time of year my mind immediately goes to sun drenched beaches.

Imagine 26 days soaking up the rays. Staring at the ocean. Or what about getting round to that project you always meant to do.

Those 26 days could be spent learning cordon bleu cooking, or writing a screenplay, or watching all those box sets on your list.

If we shared the 26 days out, shuffled them round: sometimes you get them in January, sometimes in July, we could spread the remaining workload between those still in the office.

You know when you look at Facebook on your phone in the bogs, rather than highlighting to your boss that you’re having a scarce quiet day in the office?

If we added all those peaceful moments up, we’d have our 26 spare days.

A more rested and fulfilled workforce will increase efficiency. This is the future. And we can start right now. Let’s all agree the February 29 has to go. There should be no Monday.

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