An unexpected toilet photo popped up on my social media feed. No, not another pouting selfie in the mirror of an upscale restaurant or bar (guilty).

It was a picture of a TV screen above a urinal in The Pearson Room gents: an interactive game called Pee-nalty Shootout.

No, I’m not taking the pee. I’m not yanking your chain. I’m not flushed with madness. This is a thing. Right here in E14.

The point of the game is for gentleman to aim with their, err, wee banker, and get scored for accuracy.

Captive Media, which makes Pee-nalty Shootout, also offers other games with titles like Captains Cannon and Clever Dick. Machismo with a splash-back of wit?

This was made for Canary Wharf. Ever fancied engaging in a bit of competitive toilet technique with your work colleagues? Urine luck.

Rumour has it the screens are also fitted in Rum And Sugar on West India Quay.

As I don’t frequent the men’s loos of E14, I can’t confirm that. Though if the queue for the ladies ever gets too long, I’ll let you know.

Pee-nalty Shoot Out is a cunning way to engage Generation Y guys with an advertising screen.

And it’s hilarious. An immediate talking point. Though not for the squeamish or easily embarrassed. Or the ladies.

Because of the general plumbing issues, so far the product has only been rolled out for men.

As CEO Gordon MacSween told me, “Women are another prospect altogether.” True dat.

Perhaps we could be ranked for our ability to hold a door with a dodgy lock closed with one extended leg?

Or how well we balance a coat, a bag and some loo roll while trying to stop anything touching a dirty floor? It’d be a wizz.

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