You can’t make it through the day without someone commenting on how fast this year’s gone. No one mention the C-word.

Snowflake scattered chocolate has started to appear in the shops. The full onslaught of gift guides and food feasts will soon follow. People are jittery.

Don’t mention the amount of shopping days, or utter the infantile phrase of number of sleeps left.

People will likely explode in a hail of rage, fairy lights and tinsel.

But it is us who chase the days away in our desire for instant communication, instant coffee and instant gratification.

We no longer watch TV series across a couple of months, but gorge on them in 24-hour Netflix and box set binges.

Why wait for next week’s sitcom instalment when you can download it from America now?

High Intensity Interval Training from Canary Wharf-based personal trainers seeks to reduce exercise time without lessening the impact.

Life hack articles and tips are shared to help shave seconds off our daily tasks, in a seeming bid to fit in more.

With the growing popularity of Headspace and other meditation apps, we now even schedule our peace and quiet.

We crave fast food, participate in speed-dating, and tut at slow service. The word “delayed” appearing on transport boards provokes commuters to groan.

Why waste time looking for a taxi when you can summon one with the click of a mobile app? We want more for less.

This year has gone quickly, but that’s because we’ve rammed it full to the brim with the fuss and bluster of our lives.

Take a breath. Stop. Let’s savour the remaining three months.

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