Crying children, expensive food and lack of leg room are British travellers biggest pet peeves on aeroplanes.

And a third of us would like to banish them from our journeys by introducing quiet zones on board flights, according to research by

The online flight comparison company quizzed 2,197 holiday goers and found their favourite aspects of flying were gong somewhere other than home, customer service and the views.

However they were not so happy about how airlines deal with noise on flights and 36% said disturbance from other passengers was the most annoying part of being on an aeroplane. The steep prices of on-board food and drink infuriated 32% and not having enough leg room troubled 20%.

When it comes to the most bothersome sounds top of the list was whinging children which 67% of respondents said get on their nerves, 48% said their patience was tested by loud stag and hen dos, 44% by parents telling off their children, 39% by drunk passengers and 19% by people snoring.

Only a quarter of the adult holiday makers surveyed thought cabin crew dealt with those making noise quickly enough. And 53% think aeroplanes should give out free headphones or earplugs to help block out noise, while 32% would like areas on planes similar to quiet zones found on trains.

The company also polled 1,000 foreign travellers about whether they would like a quiet section on planes and 63% of people from Italy said yes, 53% from France, 45% from Spain and 22% from Germany.

But it doesn’t look like noisy flights will be banished any time soon.

A spokesperson for said: “Whilst the idea of having a quiet zone on a flight sounds like heaven, realistically we’re not sure that would be possible.

“On trains it’s possible to have quiet zones as trains are made up of separate carriages; planes don’t have that luxury, and putting up a curtain won’t be sufficient at keeping the noise at bay. It’s definitely one for airlines to bear in mind though, especially as there appears to be a large enough market for it.”

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