Presenter and author Kate Garraway says her 11-year-old daughter is anxious because she has the “oldest mum at the school gate”. Speaking on a recent episode of Lorraine the 49-year-old said that her daughter, Darcey, was scared that her mum would die soon because she was that much older than the other Yummy Mummies.

I’m an older mum, with some of the other mums of children in Master A’s class 20 years younger than me.

It’s something that worries me and I often find myself thinking about how little time I have to spend with him.

And, yes, if I had my time all over again I probably would choose to have children in my early 20s, instead of in my late 30s.

But, unlike, Kate and her daughter it’s not a conversation I have had with Master A and it’s not one I’m planning on having any time soon.

In his eyes, I’m no older or younger than the other mums of his classmates.

He thinks I’m 22 years old so why contradict him?

He’s nine; I don’t want him to start worrying unnecessarily about something of which we cannot change. I don’t want him to fret or to think or feel he has to be in any way different with me.

Fortunately, I don’t look much older than the other mums and I certainly don’t act like someone about to draw their pension.

I believe being an older mum keeps me feeling younger.

I’m more active because I need the energy to keep up with my son and his social calendar.

I eat healthily because I’m mindful of setting a good example to Master A.

I rarely drink alcohol now because I’m either on Mum’s Taxi duty or forgoing a glass of vino just in case he gets sick in the night and I have to rush him to hospital.

It is often said age is just a state of mind.

So it stands to reason that hanging out with a nine-year-old has the same benefits as drinking from the fountain of youth.

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