Halloween is my favourite holiday – although, it’s not technically a holiday is it? More of a celebration? Who cares? It’s up there.

Christmas comes a close second. Though since I’ve grown older and December 25 comes with increased house guests and potato peeling, the shine has come off that bauble a bit. So pumpkin day it is.

It’s somewhat embarrassing to confess, even though I make my living writing crime thrillers , I’m not a fan of horror films.

Many of my thriller writing pals are committed to the genre, submerging themselves in ghouls and gore the moment October arrives.

Halloween is spooky, creepy, and – depending on the number of killer clown sightings – genuinely scary.

But as someone who is freaked out by Casper the friendly ghost, that’s not the bit I enjoy. I love Halloween because it’s subversive.

In a world where we all work so hard to look good, I love the white-chalk-painted-faces, fake-dripping-blood abandonment of Halloween.

You can string up cobwebs, when you would spend the rest of the year trying to hide that kind of housekeeping fail from unexpected guests. You get to dress up and be someone else for the night.

Not you at work in the office, not you on your birthday, not you in a sequined Christmas frock, but you in disguise.

Which is to say the opposite: a truer side of yourself that adult life doesn’t (usually) let you explore.

Throw off the shackles of the suit, and embarrass your creativity. That is what is at the toffee apple heart of Halloween.

It’s a chance to express yourself. Plus, there’s often a lot of chocolate and sweets about.

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