I’ve battled with my weight since Master A made his grand entrance eight years ago.

Once a healthy size eight, weighing in at 8st 7lbs, I’m now fighting a constant (read losing) battle to keep my weight the right side of 10st.

It’s altogether rather depressing but I have no-one to blame but myself. Looking at the recent snaps of Sadie Frost, flexing her fabulously lithe limbs, and talking about how she’s more supple at 50 than she was at 20, just adds insult to my injury – and sends me heading straight for my overstocked fridge to grab another couple of Funsize chocolate bars.

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(Pre Master A the only thing to be found in my fridge was a couple of chilling bottles of Dom Perignon and the odd pack of smoked salmon.)

You can imagine my joy when I read about the new book by fitness expert Mark Macdonald, Why Kids Make You Fat (HarperOne, £16.99).

According to this little gem by the qualified nutritionist when you have kids, weight gain is inevitable. This is coming from a health professional that put on more than 2st after his son was born.

This is my kind of read. Apparently, the odds are stacked against parents being slim and trim because we have all manner of obstacles to overcome: Lack of time for the gym, off-the-chart stress levels and feasting on our children’s leftovers.

At last, someone who understands my pain – and my excuses.

In the book MacDonald makes the point that parents are forever putting the needs of their children above their own.

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We sleep more lightly, wake early, and are forever dashing around after our offspring, acting as taxi-drivers shuttling them back and forth to school, clubs, parties and playdates.

Combine these pressures and we’re at the mercy of energy dips and food cravings, leading us to grab for the fast-food, high calorie snacks and that increasingly essential “Hallelujah-I’ve-made-it-through-another-day” glass of wine.

If that wasn’t enough to pack on the pounds the constant anxiety and stress that comes with being a parent sees the body releasing the hormone cortisol, which encourages it to store belly fat.

So, if like me, you’re a parent constantly fretting about your weight stop it! You’re doing an amazing job – and your children love you just the way you are.

Working Mum, still on a diet but determined to be a little bit more forgiving of myself.