Just because summer is fast disappearing in the rear-view mirror and autumn coming into clear view, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to ditch the bike and head back to the bus or Tube.

There are tons of physical, mental and environmental benefits to riding a bike and to help get in the saddle The Wharf has teamed up with iconic, Nottingham-based bike maker Raleigh , to offer readers the chance to win a Raleigh bike plus accessories up to the value of £500.

The choice of bike and accessories will be the winner’s to make from Raleigh’s extensive range, which includes urban bikes perfect for commuting, leisure bikes for everyday use, mountain-bikes for exploring the trails, road bikes and classic ladies’ bikes

Ladies Classics bikes start at £330

To make sure you’re seen on the roads as the nights draw in, you could also add in lights from Raleigh and choose from a selection of helmets to make sure you have the best protection.

To make sure you stay safe on the roads in autumn, here are a few tips from Raleigh to keep your bike in tip-top condition:

■ Keep it clean: Regularly clean off mud and salty water which, if left, will corrode the moving parts on your bike.

■ Lubricate: After you’ve washed it down, lubricate the chain so that it moves smoothly.

■ Service the bike: Check the brakes, gears and chain set and tweak as necessary.

■ Stop the splash: There’s a lot more water on the roads in winter and, if you don’t want to cover yourself in spray, then fit mudguards.

■ Get a grip: Tyres take the most punishment and, in winter, there’s nothing worse than mending a puncture at the side of a road on a cold, wet evening with frozen fingers. Make sure yours are in good condition.

For a chance to win the prize just answer this simple question: Which city is Raleigh based in?

a. Norwich

b. Nottingham

c. Newcastle

To submit your entry immediately, follow this link to the dedicated page on Raleigh's site. Terms and conditions apply.

The winner may choose their prize subject to availability up to £500 based on the recommended retail price.

Pioneer Bikes start at £390

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