If the sunny weather has given you the push to finally join a gym, or actually use an existing membership, more power to you.

But before you ratchet the treadmill to the max it’s probably best to check you’re not about to do more harm than good.

The Canary Wharf Health Club is one of a growing number of gyms that offer a check-up to identify any underlying issues and keep its members on the right track.

I went down to check out its Health MOT service so budding gym bunnies know what to expect.

This 60-minute test isn’t about fancy gadgetry or making participants run like a hamster on a treadmill.

It takes place in a small room in between reception and the gym floor with one of the club’s staff.

Mine is Tio Knight, a cheery personal trainer and senior fitness and wellbeing advisor.

He underwent a two-day course of training and 10 practice runs before becoming qualified to do the assessments and has to be retested every year.

He said: “This check is about as thorough as you can get without going fully medical.”

It starts off with him taking a brief health history made-up mostly of yes or no questions and queries such as how you would rate your quality of sleep on a scale of one-to-five.

After the standard height, weight and waist and hip measurements, my blood pressure is taken.

Then it’s on with a chest monitor for a lie down while my aerobic fitness and resting heart rate is measured.

The least pleasant part of the test is having to have two finger pricks to take blood to ascertain my cholesterol – high levels can lead to heart problems – and my blood glucose, which can affect energy levels and chances of developing diabetes.

They are pretty trusting when it comes to my liquid consumption, relying on me to tell the truth about how much water, alcohol and coffee I drink.

But then, if I was going to lie, what would be the point of showing up?

At the end I got a brief rundown and the full results were emailed to me, including my overall Health Score and how it compared to the rest of those tested across the Nuffield centres.

I was amazed to be in the top 80% for my age group and reassured it was safe to hit the gym floor.

The MOT also gave Tio the information he needed to create a tailored fitness programme for me the following week, including exercises to work to my strengths and help improve my weaknesses

So it was definitely an hour well spent.

Health MOTs are offered free to gym members every three months. Membership packages start at £68.

They can be booked on 020 3504 2092, online or in person by visiting the reception desk.

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