Feet By Pody has been based on West India Quay for nearly a decade and is the London Wellness Centre’s podiatry partner. Owner and director Nicolas Ivanoff (a Frenchman with “a very Russian surname”) has built up his business from scratch after growing up and training in Paris and moving to work in the Maldives.

He said: “The resort where I worked was very service-oriented. You had to have a positive approach to clients and present yourself well.

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“I brought that knowledge, service and equipment to London when I moved to the UK.

“I started 10 years ago – you become successful if you do a good job and then keep doing it – people can tell very quickly if you’re not as good as your practice looks.

“In this country, you can have a really big difference in between the NHS and private practice.

“People are really happy when you look after them, they are not just a number but they’re somebody you know and the next time they come through the door we know who they are, not just because you’re a name on the list but because we have a relationship with you.

“Often we see patients regularly so that becomes easier.”

Nicolas Ivanoff uses a range of technology to help identify foot problems and suggest treatments

Nicolas welcomed the centre’s recent re-fit and echoed his colleagues’ thoughts on seeking treatment early.

He said: “Now there’s a different approach at the centre from before. Oliver took over about a year ago and we now have modern clinics – things are definitely moving forward.

“People tend to put their feet in their shoes in the morning – they hide them away and don’t do anything about any problems they have.

“What I say is let’s bring them out and look after them. It’s far better to tackle any problems early on than to leave them to get worse.”

Initial consultations at Feet By Pody cost £70 with following half-hour sessions costing £50.

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