Replenish your body after the gruelling 26-mile course with these tasty treats.

Bounce Energy Balls

£2 each, Tesco, Cabot Place Mall

1. These are packed with seeds, nuts and brown rice for a protein and carbohydrate hit in a variety of flavours. We love the almond for energy.

Gu Energy gel

GU Energy Gel

£38.40 for 24, Runners Need, Jubilee Place Mall

2. This chocolatey treat contains fructose for energy, carbohydrate to keep hydration levels stable and neutralise lactic acid build-up and chamomile as an anti-inflammatory.

9Bar Pumpkin

99p each, Holland & Barrett, Canada Place Mall

3. This bar features seeds blended with honey and sugar to provide a chunky hunk of post-running protein as well as a deliciously sweet reward.