If you fancy warming up for your lunchtime workout with a stroll to West India Quay, you’ll find a variety of fitness options in store.

Whether you’re looking for high intensity sessions, training in the pool or some guidance on how to create a workout regime we’ve put together our top 3 options.

Pure Gym opens in West India Quay

1. Pure Gym Canary Wharf, West India Quay

£34.99 per month, no joining fee

This ticks all the boxes for a budget-friendly gym membership which combines three floors of equipment with studios offering a vast class timetable for members.

There’s also a dedicated spinning room for eager bikers and the opening hours will suit all, whether you’re an early bird or working the late shift.

Reebok CrossFit

2. Reebok CrossFit Thames, Cannon Workshops

Various prices

The workout mantra of this team is to “view fitness as the path to a better life.”

In terms of actioning it on the gym floor, this means hour-long classes which mix up varied, functional movement at a high intensity.

The main body of each session is different and can include functional movements like squats as well as weightlifting, pull ups and exercises with a medicine ball.

All start with a warm up and mobility drill to prepare the body and prevent injury.

Swim Canary Wharf

3. Swim Canary Wharf, Cannon Workshops

60-minute consultation starts from £69

This is no ordinary swimming pool.

Yes, you’ll need your waterproof togs but then the technology takes over during the one to one sessions.

While the current in the Endless Pool helps to magnify deficiencies in the techniques of both beginner and advanced swimmers, the classes are filmed so instant video playback means poor form in swim stroke and breathing can be pinpointed.

Swimmers will also take home a DVD of their progress following each class.