Where can you discover a “playground for training” with tyre flipping, sled pulling and an indoor sprint track close to Canary Wharf ?

Fresh fitness concept Drenched is arriving in West India Quay next month and founder Liz Penny promises members will be ‘dripping’ with exertion following the 40-minute sessions.

The open-plan training centre will be a sister venue to Liz’s established HIIT workout brand Sweat , which she also runs from a studio in Cannon Workshops.

It will be revealed in a unit next door on Friday, February 26, which is the same day Sweat celebrates its second birthday.

Liz said the versatile space would offer a different style of workout to the fixed, small group sessions at Sweat using the static equipment in its studio.

“Drenched is for people who are into CrossFit-type training,” she said.

“It’s going to be indoor, with a sprint track and artificial grass so people are able to push and pull equipment on the floor.

“It’s cardio based training, still fully functional, still intense and still 40-minute sessions - so it’s the next step up from what Sweat does at the moment.

“The sessions are still for everyone but they are pitched at a little bit more of an advanced level.”

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Liz hopes the workouts will both fit with trends in the health industry for fast-paced, effective fitness as well as provide more options for Sweat’s large membership base.

Clients will be able to opt into memberships covering both centres.

Liz said: “It’s to keep up-to-date with the industry - a lot of people are very bored with the gym, they are bored with going on the same thing and training on the machines.

“They need challenge and stimulation.

“It’s still a one to eight class ratio and the sessions are bespoke so you get the coaching as well - we bring the coaching together with the exercises, so we’re teaching people how to lift.”