Does the beat pumping from the gym spinning room spark fear in your heart?

Reebok Sports Club’s group exercise manager Tanya Camilleri says Wharfers need not be afraid.

“Spin classes can often spark mixed reactions,” she said. “We’ve all seen the Lycra-clad fitness bunnies head into the cycle studio with their strange looking shoes.

Reebok Sports Club group exercise manager Tanya Camilleri

“For the next 45 minutes, loud booming music is heard all around the gym, then silence and the spinners leave the studio flushed and glistening with sweat, all with a knowing look on their faces.

“Everyone fears the unknown. However you need not fear your first cycle class. No matter what your fitness level, there is always a suitable difficulty.

“Make sure you head to the class early and speak to the instructor. They will not only teach you how to set up your bike properly, but they will also be looking after you during the class. Once the session starts, go at your own pace – the instructor’s goal is for you to enjoy yourself.”

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