If spinners at Pure Gym Canary Wharf squint closely at the back row, they may well spot Olympic ace Sir Chris Hoy on the pedals.

Team GB’s most successful cyclist has been unveiled as ambassador for the fitness brand and will share his years experience in the form of training tips and workout knowledge to help members achieve their goals.

Since hanging up his six gold and single silver medals, he’s developed a fondness for the sweat-filled static biking sessions.

“It’s something I never thought I would do, but I totally see the benefits,” said Chris, speaking at E14’s newest fitness centre , which opened on Friday, December 11.

“I haven’t done too many but I’ve enjoyed them when I have. Though I’ve often got recognised and you feel people are watching you – so there’s a bit of pressure to do it right.

“When I was training I had very specific sessions on the turbo trainer bike to produce high amounts of lactic acid with big effort and short recovery.

“But in spinning, you’re in a pack of other people with bikes so there’s a feeling of shared experience.”

The 39-year-old has also pooled his expertise into a variety of spin classes at Pure Ride, the gym’s boutique offshoot centre, in Moorgate.

His new role builds on a post-retirement desire to encourage more people to take up exercise.

During his competitive years, he squeezed in two or three gym sessions a week, spending most of his time in the free weights zone on the lifting platform as well as the squat rack and leg press machine.

Core work was also key, but weights for the upper body were a big no no, as a bulky upper half meant a less aerodynamic figure on the bike.

He now fits in half an hour of exercise each day and will even be out on his bike to escape the heat of the kitchen on Christmas Day.

On training at Pure, he said: “For an ex-professional athlete I could come here and get a proper session done as there is all the equipment for that.

“It’s a fun place as well and it’s not intimidating. I came on board because being an ambassador is helping people to get the most out of sport and exercise activity and making themselves the best they can be – it’s not about everyone becoming an Olympic Champion.

“It’s about everyone becoming the best at what they want to achieve.”

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