How do you get a post-workout high-five while being your own gym buddy?

The secret lies at Speedflex , a twist on a traditional gym, 15 minutes from Canary Wharf .

Except it’s not so hush-hush anymore.

Since opening a couple of years ago demand has boomed for the high intensity interval sessions which combine exercises on the signature Speedflex kit with floor-based moves like press ups and burpees.

The 45-minute classes, led by personal trainers, cater for a dozen or so fitness fans so it’s full of camaraderie and back-patting once the final buzzer rings.

But the beauty lies in the Speedflex machine itself which creates bespoke resistance levels in direct response to the effort you put in.

So you can go mad on the military press or take it slow on the step up and not feel like you have to hang around for your pal straggling behind.

Each Speedflexer also dons a monitor which clocks individual calorie burn.

You will be working to your own pace and endurance yet the group momentum offers that extra push.

The timetable has been boosted with the arrival of offshoot sessions Pureflex, Speedflex, Fundamentals and Flextreme which target different muscle groups.

Our pick of the newbies is Coreflex.

It’s a version of the classic workout which specifically targets the abs with extra burpees, mountain climbers and sit ups.

Switching between the squats on the machine and push-ups is speedy so you make the most of every second of the 30 minutes.

It starts at 7am and is a refreshing way to banish the winter blues.

Canary Wharfers can get an endorphins buzz yet be at their desk by 8.30am, feeling the twinges of satisfaction in their core.

Speedflex Plough Court, 33 - 36 Lombard Street, City of London. EC3V 9BQ