What is it?

A funky bespoke spinning studio and cycle experience.

But it’s not just the party vibe and club-style neon lighting that will get you moving.

My Ride’s massive screen is programmed with scenic routes and varied terrain so you can pedal while exploring the world.

It’s also stocked with workouts led by a cheery, virtual American chap. With him on board, rolling fields are replaced with an intense game face.

What are the benefits?

If you’re a fitness club member you can hop onto two wheels at any time.

Group sessions of 40 minutes or more are a regular feature on the gym’s timetable and led by one of LME’s personal trainers for an extra push.

Though if you fancy a sole cycling stint in the Alps on your lunch break, just pop in when it’s empty and load the video.

Even then the voice of the digital guide will tell you when it’s time to stand and notch up those gears.

The intensity’s just the same as spinning and switching from the four comfortable to challenging zones will be familiar to those who sweat it out in an ordinary cycle studio.

It’s great for cardio and toning and lower impact than pounding the pavements.

They say

LME’s personal training manager Robert Smith said: “My Ride is brilliant – it brings the outdoors inside.

“You can get that camaraderie of group cycling but indoors and it really gets you working that bit harder when it’s full and you’ve got people around you.

“The scenes are a distraction from the pain you’re enduring – it’s just a fantastic experience.”

We say

One screen, two wheels and three routes across the Italian Alps and the US – I was sold.

For gym-goers who often shirk the intimidating surroundings of the cycle studio for the comforting treadmill My Ride is a fun, lively and action-packed introduction to bike-based fitness.

The screen draws you in – the snow-dusted roads of the Mediterranean valleys will see you scared of slipping on the ice.

I found myself swaying to the side to dodge unreal pedestrians and vehicles despite the lack of risk.

Along with tips from your American guide, the features mean you’ll stay occupied despite the intensity and not notice the minutes passing by.

Go to limehousemarinaelite.com for more information.