A Would it help if I told you there are that so many people exercise outside nowadays, no-one bats an eyelid?

And anyone who does cast a glance in your direction when you’re working out is probably wishing they had the motivation to push themselves in their lunch hour too.

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When you’re getting started, I would look for a stretch of outdoor space that isn’t too busy.

Running is less of a problem as you’re on the go all the time and you can always find quieter streets, but if you’re in a park, try and find a more secluded spot so you won’t be distracted by a constant stream of people.

It might help if you start out with a friend or family member too.

Enlisting the help of an exercise buddy will not only help to keep you motivated, you’ll probably find it also helps to alleviate that initial self-consciousness. There’s safety in numbers so you may even want to join a group – that way you’ll know those looking won’t just be focussed on you.

Pay attention to your kit too – dress for success and head out in bright, flattering kit to help you look and feel the part. Lastly, rest assured you’re not alone in feeling self-conscious. Most of us are in the same boat.

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