A: Many runners experience knee pain, which can be caused by anything from tight or weak muscles to the way you run or overuse.

When you should seek treatment really depends on the extent of your knee pain. If it’s severe with swelling present or not I’d head to your GP.

If it’s not too severe, first stop running and see how rest and ice work. Ice your knee (you can either splash out on a state of the art cold pack such as TheraPearl or make do with a less comfy but cheaper bag of frozen veg wrapped in a tea towel).

Apply this to the painful area for around 20 minutes three-four times a day for two-three days.

Try to keep your leg elevated when sitting and lying and stretch out your leg muscles too – quads, hamstrings and calves in particular.

If you’re still suffering, I’d suggest seeing your GP or a good physio who will help you get to the bottom of your knee pain.

Anne Roebuck from Wharf-based Physiotherapy London says: “A physio can not only establish what’s been injured, but also hopefully establish what caused the injury, whether that’s faulty biomechanics, overtraining or something else.

“These can be corrected and the injury treated.”

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