Beats are pumping from the heart of Crossrail Place courtesy of Psycle’s second spinning studio in the capital. Dancer-turned-instructor Laura Brown gives us five reasons to gear up and pedal hard.

1. It’s where fitness meets east London’s rave scene

Laura said: “Every instructor is individual when it comes to music – some play house, I play retro 80s. So when you leave it’s like you’ve been to an incredible party – but without the hangover. It has changed the way people look at a Friday night.”

2. Because it’s enjoyable exercise, honestly.

Laura said: “Exercise doesn’t have to be boring - you’re dancing on a bike. You’re still working hard, but you enjoying it. And it’s kind to the body and low impact even though you get a sweat on.”

3. It’s a way to feel at one with your fellow Wharfers

Laura said: “You’re always riding to the beat so the collective energy in the room is incredible – everyone’s moving together in one big community. It makes you feel part of something.”

4. The Lost In Music class section is a perfect time-out zone

Laura said: “The instructor will get the riders to focus on something – it could be your intentions are for the class. You’re still riding as a team and a pack, but it’s also about doing something for you.”

5. Get your pamper product fix post workout

Laura: “As Psycle is a luxury brand, our changing rooms have more room and more space. People can use the products like Bumble and Bumble, fluffy towels and relax and then get ready for a night out. They can go to the bar and celebrate their achievements.”

We say : THIS is the snazziest, most stylish and probably speediest way to emerge from Canary Wharf as a sweaty, sticky mess.

But you’ll leave the 45-minutes of intensity buzzing with energy, so you just won’t mind.

The indie sounds of Green Day’s Holiday are ideal as a rousing beat and a reminder that you’ll need to make the effort if you want to tone up for summer.

Laura’s retro playlist doesn’t mask the toughness. This is a testing workout - but dialling the resistance up and down means you’ve got ultimate control.

Standing for the first half of the class was tricky and the lure of a seated cycle proved too strong more than once.

After the serenity of the Lost In Music ride something clicked, and I finished the final 20 minutes with maximum effort and no seat.

At £20 per class it’s not the cheapest way to get your fitness fix but, even drenched in sweat, it’s the most stylish.

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